Blaise Platform

Our turnkey platform consists of user-friendly apps that enable you to build and run a variety of transport services. We enable operators to manage their system through clicks not code, whether it be for demand responsive, paratransit, fixed-route integrations or a customized network.

multi platform system

Complete Package

A turnkey software platform that allows any transport organization to set up, run and upgrade their transit services

passenger app

Blaise Transit

The Blaise Transit passenger app is available on Android, iOS, and as a website. It allows users to request, view, manage and rate the rides taken with the transport services offered by their local operator. Riders can also use Blaise to pay for their rides online and provides them with real-time updates on live vehicle locations

Key Features
Recurring and scheduled trips
- Transfers to existing transit routes
- Mobile payment for tickets and monthly passes


Blaise Drive

The Blaise Drive App is an Android and iOS application to guide drivers through optimized routes generated in real time using turn-by-turn navigation instructs and a passenger manifest at each stop. Dispatch of drivers is entirely automated based on incoming trip requests, real-time traffic conditions, and operating parameters set by you.

Key Features
- Support for custom community road networks
- Ability to view passenger manifest and validate no-shows
- Offline functionality for network dead zones

management settings

Blaise Engine

Blaise Engine is the web-app control system where transport administrators and operators can easily monitor services and adjust on-demand transit service parameters. Enabling transit operators to:

- Manage and modify called-in request for riders without a smartphone or internet
- Manage drivers, service schedules and manage vehicle fleets
- View the analytics dashboard for a historical and real-time overview of the service
- Set operating parameters such as max walking distance, hours, service zones and more

clicks not code

Customizable through clicks not code

Configure your transit system to your liking through our management engine. Set your own parameters and enable your desired features to build a network that best suits your needs.

universal system

Universal system

Our universal system means all our clients run on the same Blaise platform. When we make improvements to the system, all of our clients benefit. Enabling you to have faster set-ups and updates in an affordable manner.

service integrations

Countless service integrations

The Blaise platform can be used to run any style of transit network. This includes demand-responsive, paratransit, fixed-route integrated and customizable private solutions like shuttles.


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