“We want to empower citizens and communities by making sustainable, shared transportation more efficient, effective, and accessible”

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The Future of Transportation is Bright

Imagine a world where everyone has access to an environmentally sustainable mode of transportation built around their needs. That’s the world that we are working towards! We're building technology that has local impact for communities and global impact for change.


Core Values


Blaise was founded on the principle of leaving the world in a better place than when we started. We deploy a strategy that ensures the long-term prosperity of our team’s well-being, the business itself, and the planet we seek to protect.


We push the boundaries on what has been known as possible, both in our technology and business strategy. To achieve the change, we seek in the world, we’re going to need to discover new solutions to the problems our industry is trying to solve.


We listen and seek to understand our customers, colleagues, and partners. By understanding the perspective of others, we create a better product, a better work environment and better relationships with all those that help make Blaise successful.


Transportation affects everyone differently. To solve the challenges in transit, we need to draw on the experiences of a diverse group of people. To do so, we create an inclusive workplace and customer ecosystem, where everyone feels comfortable to share ideas.


How Blaised Was Formed

Blaise was started by a small group of transit-loving engineers in 2018, wanting to improve transportation options for all riders, while making transit better for our cities and planet.

As lifelong transit riders, they lived the inefficiencies of public transit on a daily basis, but maintained a conviction that transit was the most sustainable way forward for people transportation.

They started Blaise to equip municipalities, cities, transit agencies and transit operators with the state-of-the-art technology they needed to optimize their operations and provide a better experience for transit riders. Better yet, these on-demand transit tools are easy enough for anyone in the world to use and set-up their own intelligent transit system. They used their background in engineering and design to make it easier than ever to offer a more cost-effective, sustainable, and accessible transit system.

Their mission was to revolutionize the transit industry and transform it to be one viable for the future. They continue to do this today, through continuous innovation and making a difference one transit community at a time.

Made with ❤️ in Canada

While Blaise works with transit agencies across the globe, our Blaise HQ is proudly based in Montreal, Canada. We have a remote team spread across the country!

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