Blaise Analytics

The analytics platform enables you to have insight into your transit network. Get real time data on how your transit system is performing and make data-driven decisions based on meaningful analytics.

data analytics platform
get insight through data

Gain insight into system performance

Get real-time data on how your operations are functioning through key metrics that you decide. Visualize data through graphs and figures or get raw data for your own analysis.

view ratings

Get feedback from your riders

See ratings and comments that your riders are leaving about the service. Using qualitative and quantitative insights enables you to tailor your operations to best suit your customers.

customize visuals

Customize your analytics

The analytics dashboard enables you to get information that is most important to you in an efficient way. It empowers you to customize visuals to your needs in a user-friendly interface.


Tools to enable you to get the most out of the platform

export to file

Export Reports

Coming Soon

Generate reports of all data including ridership and operations datasets. Export both figures and raw data to form comprehensive reports for your needs.


Filter Parameters

Coming Soon

Adjust the data coming in to fit into your personal needs. Filter data based on dates, types and values to get to what's important for you.

personalize visuals

Personalize Visuals

Coming Soon

Customize or build graphs and figures to best represent the data you're looking for. Enabling you to better visualize how your transit system is operating.


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