Blaise and RideShark partner to leverage benefits of on-demand transit and multimodal Mobility-as-a-Service

December 3, 2020

Blaise, a growing leader in on-demand mobility, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with RideShark, a pioneer and North American leader in the multimodal Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) sector

December 3, 2020 (Montreal, QC) - Blaise, a growing leader in on-demand mobility, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with RideShark, a pioneer and North American leader in the multimodal Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) sector

The Partners

RideShark and Blaise are natural partners in the mobility space. Both are proudly based in Canada and focused on providing diverse mobility options tailored to the needs of any trip or passenger. Blaise’s AI-based platform enables users to request rides according to their needs and optimizes public transit fleet operations in real-time. Blaise’s platform is able to serve all requests in the shortest, most sustainable, and most cost-effective manner. Complimenting this, using RideShark’s multi-modal platform, users have a plurality of environmentally friendly, cost-saving transportation options at their disposal for dynamic trip planning, booking, Livemap tracking, payment, and in-system communications.

Similar benefits exist for our current and future public transit, government, and organizational customers. Through Blaise’s on-demand transit platform, transit operators and agencies have access to a universal solution enabling them to deploy, adjust, and monitor on-demand transit services in their operating region. Through RideShark’s Unified Mobility platform, government, transit agencies, and organizations can consolidate their multimodal outreach into a single platform for trip planning, rideshare matching, active transportation, trip logging, incentive/rewards, vanpools, shuttles, commuter challenges, and parking management to better understand and manage transportation. Users benefit by access to a single resource for all their transportation needs.

The Vision

This partnership recognizes that integrated, multimodal solutions are the key to a successful transportation system. Together, Blaise and RideShark and Blaise can create a centralized, multimodal service that encompasses all forms of shared and active transportation whether in real time, dynamic, or scheduled. Furthermore, a consolidated and cohesive multimodal approach encourages and supports public transit ridership, a key goal during and after COVID-19.

The partnership envisions efficient, clean, and equitable mobility for everyone. Integrating Blaise’s on-demand transit platform with RideShark’s MaaS software will revolutionize mobility as a service. Users will be able to access on-demand transit, multi-modal trip planning, on-demand ridesharing, incentives, and other critical tools that will help people make cost-effective, sustainable transportation choices.

Finally, this partnership also represents an exciting opportunity for Blaise and RideShark’s new and existing customers. Integrating our platforms will provide a holistic, customized solution for any organizational type, including transit agencies, fleet operators, governments, and businesses. The benefits are many: reduced operating costs, increased ridership, demand-forecasting, data analytics tools, and, above all, sustainable, long-term transportation solutions.

Under this strategic partnership, RideShark and Blaise will remain fully independent corporate entities pursuing opportunities of mutual benefit.

About Blaise

Blaise is a leader in on-demand transportation technology. Since being founded in Montreal, Quebec in 2018, it has redesigned the field of on-demand mobility. Blaise’s turnkey solution, based in artificial intelligence, enables any fleet operator to deploy on-demand services with their existing infrastructure and tailored to the needs of their geography. Blaise will soon be deploying multiple on-demand transit projects of varying sizes across Canada. These projects include a recently announced pilot on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, and ongoing projects with the Société de transport de Laval (STL) and the Société de transport du Saguenay (STL).

Justin Hunt, Blaise Transit CEO and Co-Founder: “Partnering with RideShark enables Blaise to offer several multi-modal trip planning options to our clients and leverage RideShark’s 15 years of leadership in the mobility space. Aligning our two business will allow both Blaise and RideShark to emerge globally as the choice for holistic, Mobility-as-a-Service transportation for any kind of user or transport organization.”

About RideShark

RideShark is a North American leader in the provision of customized, turnkey Mobility-as-a-Service solutions. Public transit agencies, government organizations, corporations and campus institutions use the RideShark Unified Mobility platform to promote and encourage sustainable transportation. Currently covering over 50 million people globally, RideShark’s innovative platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet customer needs and international best practices.

Sharon Lewinson, RideShark Corporation President and CEO: “This partnership with Blaise Transit will enable RideShark to integrate on-demand transit into our multimodal trip platform, an important solution for our public sector customers to catalyze digital-first ridership while improving operational efficiency. We are thrilled to be working with Blaise on this innovative opportunity.”

For business inquiries, please contact Justin Hunt (, for media inquiries, please contact Josh Medicoff ( for Blaise, or Elliot Siemiatycki ( for RideShark.


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